Why should fashion models always pose to perfection?
Why should garments always have to be ironed and fashionably draped?
Why can’t lipstick be smeared, hair unkempt and eye shadows smoky red?
Why can’t stilettos be too big?
And why should clothes be matched and not have a man’s tie or shirt?
Why cant a model scream, cry and be unlikable?
Why cant a dressmaker’s dummy be the centerpiece instead of a man?

Aren’t there times when we wanted to let ourselves be free from the humdrum of a boring existence and be what we want to be ? Isn’t that true living! I asked my super models these questions and they freaked out during this calendar shoot. Shot after shot, page after page….. we lived exactly the way we wanted to!!

Crazy is as crazy does…what a TAMASHA !

Models: Ritu Majumder,Ramya Prashanth, Sangita Raj,Parinita,Rachel Biros
Fashion Stylist: Yashaswani Naik
Makeup/Hair : Siddharth Hiremath and Vikram Gupta.

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