Sudhir Ramchandran nature photographer.jpg

We set off at dawn with 2 helicopters . I was on a brand shoot for a chopper company . We had removed the window and I was strapped to my seat. We radio signaled my team in the second chopper below and guided it to hover close to the famed Barachukki and Gaganachukki falls.

Lighting is everything in a landscape shot. I chose the 7 AM angled lighting to capture the texture of the landcape. I composed for the form of the receding land on top, the right angled water fall and the water body below.

The white bodied helicopter crisply outlined itself from the darker rocks below due to a polarizer that I used, which also helped to cut the haziness of the water droplets from the waterfall and remove the reflections on the water body below, so that it elicited deep azure colors.


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