sudhir ramchandran_buddhist temple

The Borobudur or Barabudur is the world’s largest Buddhist monument situated on a remote hilltop in central Java in Indonesia. This 9th C Mahayana Buddhist temple is surrounded by lush greenery and encircled with volcanoes, one of which is still active.

It was 1.30 am as I slowly climbed up the steep temple structure passing about 500 Buddha statues that were protected from the outside world by a balustrade. Every level I climbed, I passed illustrated bar-reliefs that told stories of the movement of wisdom from one symbolic plane of consciousness to the next higher level on the journey to enlightenment.There were over 3000 bar reliefs!

When I reached the top I just sank into deep contemplation of this wonderful architecture. A truly awe inspiring experience!

I decided to record just the fringe of dawning consciousness when the first light had not yet emerged. The shoot was over by 3.59 am. The long exposures brought in details in the image that I could only sense in the darkness.

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