My dear friend..Hardev


My dear friend Hardev Singh…luxury hotel photographer par excellence! ….

lights a lamp at the world renowned Dom at Koln in Germany.

We have been fortunate to meet at various times somewhere in the world beginning with a stint at Kodak in Rochester in the US a couple of decades ago.

The great Mitter Bedi brought us together and it’s amazing as today I go back to the days when Hardev and I shared classroom benches as two kids with the great man! That spring we learned more from the great man’s presence than we did from the Rochester Institute!

This year Hardev and I spent time again at Koln as we did the season before this. I had the good fortune to continue sharing the wonderful relationship I have with his son Harmeet, another powerful image-maker in his Dad’s making!

Rare moments indeed. Friendships of shared values are the greatest boon one could ask for in a lifetime and they are to be truly treasured.

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