MANASI KIRLOSKAR : A Portrait from within


Ever since I first met this scion of the Kirloskar family, I realized I was in the presence of a rare persona of independent righteousness and sensitive empathy to those around her.

I kept thinking how I could build a series of visuals that truthfully portrays the finely tuned sensitivities of an accomplished artist and the steely strength of a consummate business-head of a legacy institution?

The answer was simple. I had to build the persona with the truth I felt, from the inside out. One image at a time!

Hence for this initial national publication portrait, I emphasized her lambent radiance by wrapping the light from behind to embrace her hair and cheeks. With the luminescence in place, (the artist aspect), I next proceeded to work on the strong steady eyes (the business aspect) by emphasizing those clear highlights within the irises.

Again the gentle facial structure gains strength from the soft grey shadows that grazes slightly to the left and gathers a yellow-green blush on the right.

The rippled light-pink lipstick adroitly frames the pearly white teeth.

Mansi’s love for nature is well known and I composed for the foliage green leaves and the pink pale flowers at the background. The background tones are kept quiet, sketchy and elegant.

Strength in the eyes and gentleness in the demeanor, I let light dexterously paint her powerful positioning and allow the truth of this amazing woman be told, one image at a time.

Over a period of time.

#Manasikirloskar #Portrait photographer #Portrait photography #Sudhir Ramchandran

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