The 3-channel HD video installation cinematically depicted a world where everything is – as the accompanying literature describes- in inverse-reverse!

People, objects and beings seem to liquefy and bleed into each other. There is a pig gutting the butcher, a child punishing his teacher, a man carrying a donkey on his back, and a beggar in rags bestowing alms to a rich man!

AES+F combined multi–looks that created alternate worlds and generated an absurd hyper-real atmosphere called Inverso Mundus. The visual feast contains demons and strange animals like part-fish and part-cat flying through the sky!

Often I ask myself, which is the real world – the one as cinematic motion film stories for the brief time we are absorbed in it or the so-called real-life stories that continuously surround us?

So I step out and freeze a frame of the policeman at the far end, the cool dude with our guide in the middle as well as the askance-looking passerby in the foreground and juxtaposed all this with AES+F’s theatrical cinematic experience inside.

And I still question ‘Which one is the hyper-real world’ really?


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