Einstein shook the world of physics with his theory of relativity which said it all depended on where you were observing the events from.

A hot summer ago, I had walked to the edge of an overpass and gasped. I saw endless row upon row of washers locally known as dhobis thumping dirty laundry on concrete wash pens each filled with its own flogging stone. I am at Dhobi Ghat, the world’s largest outdoor laundry. However the excitement didn’t last long as I was observing all this far removed from the scene from above.

I changed viewpoints and moved from the top of the overpass that gave me a broad perpsective to a lower closer viewpoint that gave me a more intimate persepctive. I could now feel the soapy splashes of the swirling clothes as they hit my face and hear the thumping up close, as my shoeless feet got wet in the slippery froth.

Oft times I would like my pictures to be as multi-sensoral as it can be, so that what I put out there as a visual is so much what I feel in my whole being rather than only seeing.

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