Today is my favorite authors birthday. Jeffrey Archer is 77.

I shot him when he recently released ‘This was a Man’ in Bengaluru.

What hit me was the tremendous energy and unabated enthusiasm with which Jeffrey Archer connected with the different demographics he interacted with. There were the large young enthusiastic Millennial at the VR Bengaluru as seen in the long shot picture here, followed immediately after by an exciting interactive session with the erudite elderly Baby Boomers in the main lobby of the Waverly. There was no change of pace.

I could feel the resonating tenor and enthusiasm of what he spoke reflected in the way he writes. Of all that he spoke that day, I connected very closely with “there is no writer’s block. It’s a matter of a discipline I always had. I sit and I just write every day at the same time, non stop!”

I personally believe that most, if not all great artists, poets, stage artists, storytellers and thinkers among others are this way. Otherwise they cannot produce the copious creative work on demand, every time.

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