ART IMMERSION AT The Kashi Art Cafe, Fort Kochi


The Kashi Art Gallery and Café is an old Dutch house converted by Anoop Scaria and Dorrie Younger.

Since its opening in 1977, the Kashi Art Gallery and Café has become the contemperory art hangout space for the young locals and the tourists. 1n 2012 Egar Pinto took ownership and renovated the property .

Vivek Vilasini’s large format visual blends perfectly with the ethos of the café which is the hub of intellectual debates that often examines social structures and raises questions about the changing global scenarios.

The café , my oft preferred breakfast location, is interesting because of the eclectic variety of permanent artworks by some of the highly regarded artists like Christina Mamakos and KS Radhakrishnan among others

For me the ecosytem of the free-wheeling space, the powerful artworks and the vibrant visitors enrich with a coruscating ebulliance .

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