Landcape photography by travel photographer Sudhir Ramchandran
Tha magical upside down Pyramid by Sudhir Ramchandran

One spring evening we were driving by endless undulating slopes of green Scottish countryside .
The earth was dotted with grazing sheep – rams , eves and lambs.

Suddenly I saw this magical upside down pyramid cloud formation. A flock of sheep scurried away when we stopped to shoot. The unreal apex-down cloud balanced delicately at the far end of the firmament.

A polarized blue sky on the right, graduated to a lighter blue towards the left. For a brief moment it was as if the Earth stood still.

I was transfixed.

Nature indeed has a way of telling you to pause in a hurrying world.

#scotland #sheep #grazing #sky #beautiful #peace#blue #nature #landscape #pause #sudhirramchandran #sudhir ramchandran photography

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