Elephants in the jungle shot by photographer Sudhir Ramchandran
Elephants in the jungle shot by photographer Sudhir Ramchandran


I whispered a gentle desire into the Universe saying, “Come nearer, come nearer, come nearer” and the pachyderms kept advancing as I spoke, gently all the while ensuring, the calf behind them was safe especially with another two elephants at the rear.

It was a sunny afternoon and we were riding a rough jungle road in Mudumalai, in the Western Ghats of India, when we chanced upon his herd of elephants among the trees. We waited for what seemed an eternity and the herd hardly advanced, very content with their surroundings.

My eyes were glued to the right-angled viewfinder of my Hasselblad and I started talking softly through my lens. As if on cue, the largest female (such herds with a calf are mostly matriarchal) broke away, as if she had connected with me and came into the fore of the jungle clearing. I was completely transfixed as I watched another two move towards the sides. I started shooting and I continued talking softly “…come nearer, come nearer, come nearer…”

A soon as I got this shot, I wrapped up as I knew that the Universe had responded to allow the elements of the forest, the elephants and the light to form this unbelievable occurrence.

I am sure some of the fortunate, dedicated and passionate photographers of the environment have had such experiences. I am often bestowed with a fair share of telepathic experiences especially with nature and I always bow with humility that I have been allowed to recognize the incredible so called coincidences of the blessed nature of our grand planet.

I join with all my photographer brethren of nature to say, “Only the biosphere can teach us that we are all one and a part of a much greater picture than we can ever imagine. Let’s all do our bit to save it.”

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