Landscape photography by Sudhir Ramchandran
Twilight scene at the River Spey, Scotland shot by Sudhir Ramchandran

Scotland, I had just driven past the Craigellachie bridge in Morayshire , when I saw a silver glimmer afar. I stopped and walked a bit before I came upon this calm twilight scene wherein the River Spey that hadjust passed the Craigellachie bridge expanded out before carrying on its journey!

The magical moment mirrored the dramatic changing sky onto the lucid lake and made me realize the miracle of 2+1 life making compound called WATER!

This 2+1 phenomenon has happened on only one planet in the known universe. Just ONE! And that is our earth, our only home!

Water has not changed or lessened from what it was in 4 billion years. It’s the same water that recycles itself, travelling from sea to clouds, clouds to glaciers and glaciers to river.

However our population has not stayed stagnant. We are increasing, constantly. We are also polluting our waters increasingly. When will we begin thinking of preserving every drop and make it available to every human being – indeed every living thing? It is a vital asset that has to be shared.

Water is indispensable not only to human beings but also to every plant and animal. The oceans and seas contain 97.5% of the water supply, but this water is salty it is undrinkable. The small percentage of fresh water on earth is either locked away as ice or confined groundwater. Only 0.01% of water on our planet is available to living things.

And here we are, ever-ready to unbalance this delicate 2 + 1atoms miracle of nature!


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