Sudhir Ramchandran nature photography
Sudhir Ramchandran nature photography

It is so refreshing to see sparkling waters of such purity and cheer. I listened to their happy bubbling as they sprinkled over rocks and flowed through reeds and rushes with abandoned gaiety.

There are always surprises when I get off the beaten tracks. This was no exception. I had taken a detour in the Western Ghats mountains, into the wild where there were no roads or jungle trails. The monsoons had just begun in the ghats. I was barefooted relishing the earth between my toes.

I awaited the shadows to become a bit softer so that details of the algae on the wet rocks would begin to show. The triangular rich green treetops in the distance had to be shot when the sun was veiled with lighter clouds passing by. There was just so much that crosses my mind as it would with anyone who loves this great earth of ours. The timing had to be right even on a bright day so that the darkest rocks would also be the heroes along with the stream that bathes them. Further, there were depths in the horizon that had to be captured along with the cumulous above.

And yet this free mini- waterfall is one of the tiny little contributors to the hungry lands below, the land of our cities, industries and agriculture. Every such visit makes me realize the importance of preserving this precious indispensable resource! Not just for satiating humanity’s need but also because proximal intimacy with nature is what we need right now to be relieved of all our emotional and physical issues.

I get filled with an overflow of impressible positive feeling and it influences the way I shoot, as much as a painter would feel the way his brush directs his feelings on canvas. This is what makes nature so rejuvenating for humans.


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