Along the serpentine Western Ghats mountainous range, in the middle of nowhere, you can rest assured the inimitable tea-man will be there!
After an exhausting photography shoot and drive , I  pulled up beside this moody yet comforting teashop and ordered a large mug of tea.
For me,  a tea drinking session is a rejuvenating sederunt of meditation and deep reflection. I always emerge very refreshed!
I had an uncle, Uncle Chandran we called him. He was full of mirth and sagacity. He loved to go on long drives and inculcated me into tea drinking that included intermittent sessions of  rolling-the-warm mug over the brow to calm an imagined headache. It was a ritual, I vividly remember and whoever watched the habitual routine, picked it up!
We habituated the one-meter teashops . We were convinced that the one-meter tea travel actually affected the temperature and the froth controlled a certain delectable ‘actual-tea’ taste!
Between us, the quiet constructive chatter during such impromptu tea-drinking sessions  led to a productive step forward on any subject, often philosophical, sometimes materialistic or otherwise.
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