With my childhood fascination for reading, I am always lost in the storybook magical world of elves, gnomes, fairies and leprechauns. On one of my visits to the Nilgiri biosphere, I came upon this umbrous wooded area of shadowed knurling roots and boughs that were so very mystical.

I sank onto the mossy forest floor to shoot, almost sensing the Irish leprechauns, the ones who hid legendary pots of gold, scrambling all over my camera!

The initial chilling eerie sensation gradually made way to a warmer feeling of comfort, as playful elves tugged my sleeves and distracted the disciplined me. I knew they were harmless as they were Santa’s toy-makers.

It was getting too dark and I had to take off before the gnomes, the mischievous earth spirits came out.

Hahaha.!…isn’t it fun to shoot with a fantasy imagination guiding the photography?… As I left I almost felt my favorite mystical unicorn galloping with a disappearing neigh through this higher dimensional realm!

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